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2D Games

Games made with Game Maker Studio

My first was a simple platformer puzzle game I made that came from simple doodles. It would end up winning a Scholastic Gold award. Pressing the image allows you to download and play if you are on a Windows machine.


D.O.J. is actually the Acronym of the playable characters in the game!

Delta, Orbit, and Jett

I wanted to make a game that took what I learned from Game Maker as a young boy and push it by making 3 different playable characters. 

The first character I made would be Orbit who would be a melee focused play-style. I set it up so that he has moves that give him charges to execute ranged attacks but has a slow recharge rate.

Jett was more of what I was used to making: a standard projectile shooting player. I tried expanding this type of play-style by adding directional attacks that aren't just horizontal.

Delta was actually the last one to be developed. I was unsure how to make him different, so I decided to make him both ranged and melee. I made separate objects that follow Delta the source of his ranged while Delta itself would be doing melee attacks. I even added a charge attack system.


An arcade like game that pits two players against one another to see who can collect the most points at the time.

The intent of the game was an easy and quick game you can play with a friend.

Features 3 Playable characters with different play-styles.

Flask is melee based but can charge his attack to do ranged attacks. While not particularly fast, his ranged attacks can clear waves of enemies.

Flash is movement based, dashing during every attack, allowing to clear areas quicker but a bit hard to control.

Lyle has a high rate of fire and has a double jump, but his attacks only hit one enemy at a time and use up a lot of energy.



Sleep Disorder

The purpose of my game was to show and explain how one can get sleeping disorders and how you can treat or handle them. This video highlights Sleep Paralysis. As someone who has experience with Sleep Paralysis, I found I try to move my fingers first to get out of it. To emulate this feeling, I had players rapidly press on incoming apparitions. 

Beat the Beat 

 The idea behind this project was to show how having a more energetic song that you can follow the beat with can help you focus.

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